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              Automatic hardcover version of the pre-expander

              publish date:2015年10月05日 from:本站原创

              The machine uses PLC programmable controller and touch screen, automatic feeding, electronic weighing, temperature control and level control, automatic intelligent production; 2. A spiral feeding device, and electronic weighing device; 3.an enclosed foam barrels constant pressure foam, high thermal efficiency, saving steam; 4. foam barrel thermostat using pilot type valve to ensure precise temperature control products to achieve consistency, low moisture content; 5the uniform density level control, proper control of the density of the foam material, foam beads, the error is less than; 3% 6. machine equipped with a fluidized dryer, dry, AutoFilter, broken pelletand the foam material transported to the aging silo as a whole; machines use electrical components. the Qigong components. valves, all domestic and foreign brand-name products;

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