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              Automatic vacuum foam packaging molding machine

              publish date:2015年10月05日 from:本站原创

              1, the foam mechanical PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, advanced foam board molding process, capable of producing a variety of products.

              2, the foam production machinery specification foam products with low water content, forming speed, low power consumption, size and stability.

              3 the foam mechanical executable the fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle start and manual operation four operating mode, a security device, to ensure the safe and reliable operation.

              4, the foam machinery using computer control, touch screen display, executable computer production control management, high degree of automation, simple operation, easy maintenance, and low labor intensity.

              5, the foam machine adopts the international advanced electrical, hydraulic integration, improve the speed of the molding, a significant reduction in energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution.

              6, the foam machinery using mechanical demolding.

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